About Me

A little about me, my name is Robert and I am [insert_php]
$birthDate = “01/23/1983”;
$birthDate = explode(“/”, $birthDate);
$age = (date(“md”, date(“U”, mktime(0, 0, 0, $birthDate[0], $birthDate[1], $birthDate[2]))) > date(“md”)
? ((date(“Y”) – $birthDate[2]) – 1)
: (date(“Y”) – $birthDate[2]));
echo $age;
[/insert_php] years old. I got into radio in 2013, playing around with RTL-SDR‘s and in January of 2014 I got a BaoFeng UV-5R+. After using my radio more as a scanner I decided I need to start studying for my technician license. In early 2015, I started the much longer process then it needed to be to study for my technician test. On 9/12/15 I passed my technician test and received my initial callsign on 9/25/15 (which was KE0FWW). On 7/21/16 I requested a vanity call sign of K0RAP, and on 8/9/16 it was approved.